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The production and the management of HATHO GmbH are located in the Breisgau business park, an industrial area in Eschbach which is located approximately 30 km south of Freiburg, in South West Germany.


In this charming Rhine Valley environment, surrounded by the Vosges Mountains and the Black Forest, our high-quality HATHO products are being manufactured.

HATHO Office-Team


From the left: Dr. Ralf Steiner, Sylvia Eisenblätter, Christina Schütz, Barbara Raach, Astrit Thomann,
Janine Fuchs, Andrea Traum, Nicoletta Caruso, Markus Schütz, Sigrid Pfefferle, Paul Degrande



HATHO Production, Planning and Purchasing Team


From the left: Sean Kenny, Rolf-Dieter Ulitzka, Dieter Pross, Mathé Abbey, Bernd Männlin,
Manfred Letsch, Alexander Fuchs, Christian Blansche, Bernhard Brugger



HATHO Packing and Shipping Team


From the left: Hannelore Wehrle, Sabrina Bender, Nadine Wehrle,
Doris Wermuth, Lucia Fucci, Lorena Lal, Daria Arini




Dr. Ralf Steiner

Managing Director

Sylvia Eisenblätter

Assistant to the Managing Director

Maren Holzmann

Product Manager

Barbara Raach

Accounts Department

Astrit Thomann

Head of Sales

Christina Schütz

Head of Distribution

Janine Fuchs

Order Processing

Andrea Traum

Order Acquisition

Sigrid Pfefferle

Purchasing Department

Nicoletta Caruso


Bernhard Brugger

Head of Production

Dieter Pross

Deputy Head of Production

Rolf-Dieter Ulitzka

Machine setter

Bernd Männlin

Machine setter

Mathe Abbey

Warehouse Manager

Lucia Fucci

Head of shipping department

Nadine Wehrle

Head of packaging department

HATHO History

Mr. HAns THOma founded HATHO on December 6, 1968. The company name derived from his own name: HA from Hans and THO from Thoma. The nephew of the company’s founder, Dr. Ralf Steiner, joined the company in 1991 and eventually took over as Managing Director in 2002. In 2003, HATHO moved location from Freiburg to the Gewerbepark Breisgau in Eschbach.


HATHO has always had an international dimension. This is true both within the company and outside the company. Currently HATHO employees come from 11 different countries and HATHO clients are from all corners of the world. In 2015, we shipped our goods to clients in 46 countries.


HATHO Gallery

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First meeting of former employees at HATHO 2019

First meeting of former employees at HATHO 2019

B2Run Freiburg 2019

B2Run Freiburg 2019

IDS Cologne 2019

IDS Cologne 2019

Inhorgenta Munich 2019

Inhorgenta Munich 2019

Vicenza Oro 2019

Vicenza Oro 2019

HATHO 50th anniversary

HATHO 50th anniversary